I wrote earlier about Joe Biden’s disgraceful remarks in response to the verdict in the Manhattan trial against former President Donald Trump. 

As I noted he was already trying to cast any questioning of the verdict as “dangerous,” “reckless,” and “irresponsible”–“because they didn’t like the verdict”– while not acknowledging the mountain of issues with the case. 


But then when he was asked about Trump blaming him for the lawfare, Biden’s response was despicable. He grinned and didn’t even deny it. He just looked at the reporters like he thought it was the greatest thing in the world, blew off their questions, and walked out. Instead of taking it seriously and being somber, to not look like he was gloating, he went all in on the gloating. That’s how vile that response was. 


Biden’s Smirking Speech on Trump Verdict Is Disgusting Display and Travesty of Justice

Now the Trump team has made a new ad about it, showing the “face of corruption,” in their words. 

Many called Biden’s sneer/smirk evil or demonic. 

But Biden wasn’t done yet. He apparently decided he wanted to dig that hole a little deeper, as if it already wasn’t deep enough. Fox’s Peter Doocy tried to ask him if he was “worried that this could happen to [him] someday — somebody comes up with some charges and tries to bring [Biden] in to court after [his] term?”


Biden responded,”Not at all,” and that he wasn’t worried because, he claimed, “I didn’t do anything wrong.” A lot of classified documents, including documents you definitely shouldn’t have had possession of from when you were in the Senate, say differently, Joe. Not to mention the varied issues revealed on the laptop. You only got a pass because you’re an elderly dude with a “poor memory.” You don’t have to be given a pass. Please explain to me, Joe, how those documents were taken out of a SCIF and made it to your house. And why? Why did you have multiple documents you knew should not have been removed from the Senate secure room? 

Doocy pressed Biden again about “pulling the strings behind the scenes,” and Biden stepped in it again, did that evil smirk thing, then claimed, “I didn’t know I was that powerful.” 

His response of course prompted many people to proffer a variety of things that were “wrong”: 


That’s just a small sample. But now that the door has been opened, it sounds like people are going to be considering all the facts a little more. 


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