Last Updated on February 22, 2023


Bizarre interviews with the forewoman of the anti-Trump Georgia grand jury that has apparently recommended charges against the 45th President for asking questions about the 2020 election are raising eyebrows. The forewoman joined CNN and MSNBC to giggle her way through a pair of interviews and talk about how “cool” it would have been for her to subpoena Trump and put him under oath.

Emily Kohrs, the Georgia grand jury’s forewoman, or “foreperson” as CNN and MSNBC have dubbed her, giggled her way through a pair of bizarre interviews with the corporate media outlets after the politically-charged grand jury moved to recommend charges against President Trump.

“Honestly, I kind of wanted to subpoena the former President because I got to swear everybody in,” Kohrs told MSNBC above her cackles. “And so I thought it would be really cool to get 60 seconds with President Trump, of me looking at him, and being like, ‘do you solemnly swear?’ And me getting to swear him in, I just, I kind of just thought that would be an awesome moment,” Kohrs said.

During her interview with CNN, Kohrs seemed to imply that she felt compelled to recommend charges against President Trump so that she wouldn’t feel she’d wasted eight months of her life on the grand jury.

“Can you imagine doing this for eight months and not coming out with a whole list [of indictments]?” Kohrs said to CNN.

Watch excerpts from both interviews below:

Assembled in deep blue Fulton County, the home of Atlanta and of massive, documented election fraud in 2020 and beyond, the grand jury doesn’t actually formally charge the subjects of its investigation but sends its recommendation to the Fulton County prosecutor, BLM Democrat Fani Willis.

Willis, a hardcore partisan, has openly boasted of her ties to the radical, left-wing militant movement, and of her father’s involvement with the Black Panther Party of the 20th Century.

“My father was a Black Panther, so he was very Afrocentric,” Willis says in a South Atlanta Magazine article featured on Fulton County’s official government website.

Fani Willi Black Panthers
Fani Willis is the daughter of a Black Panther militant, and has been hailed by left-wing media as a prosecutorial “pit bull.”