Last Updated on March 17, 2023


Video footage recorded at the Florida State Capitol shows child-grooming Democrats and protesters accusing the GOP of “erasing trans babies” over a new law that bars children from having their genitals chopped off and undergoing “gender reassignment” procedures.

State-level Democrats, alongside a mob of LGBT lobby members and supporters, stormed the Florida State Capitol in protest of Senate Bill 254, a piece of legislation being considered by the Florida legislature that bars children from receiving life-altering, genital-mutilating “gender assignment” surgeries. Joined by the LGBT pressure group Equality Florida and a large grouping of drag queens, the mob accused Republicans of “erasing trans babies” among other offenses against the so-called LGBT community.

Video footage of Florida Democrat Anna Eskamani at the demonstration has quickly gone viral, as she accuses Governor Ron DeSantis and the GOP of “erasing trans babies” during a screaming session from behind a lectern. During her talk, Eskamani was surrounded by the aforementioned drag queens.

“You are erasing our trans babies!” said Eskamani, a former Planned Parenthood employee-turned State Representative who’s often touted as the “first Iranian in the Florida legislature.”

“We are facing a Governor who wants to commit genocide on trans people,” Eskamani went on to claim, despite Ron DeSantis having little to do with SB 254, a bill that he isn’t a sponsor of.

In addition to shouting about “trans babies,” the demonstrators accused the GOP and parental rights groups of burning books, for their combatting of school libraries and classrooms stocking outright sex manuals, which include illustrated depictions of violent homosexual acts against children, among other things.

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Some members of the pro-trans mob accused the GOP of introducing “hate legislation” comparing the bills meant to protect children from sexual manipulation and bodily mutilation to a violent “hate crime.”

Watch video footage of the protest below:

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