Last Updated on March 17, 2023


Nationally-syndicated TV news host Stew Peters destroyed Soros-funded Media Matters and their “empire of lies” in a fiery segment of the Stew Peters Show, unloading on the left-wing “media watchdog” group after they published a hit piece maligning Peters the same way they’ve maligned President Trump and countless other American Patriots.

Media Matters, the left-wing, self-proclaimed watchdog group founded by Clinton associate and Pizzagate centerpiece David Brock, published a hit piece against Stew Peters and his Stew Peters Show, hurling their typical accusations at the mega-viral news show host.

Peters tore into Media Matters and their founder, as well as one of their longtime benefactors, George Soros, in a Stew Peters Show segment responding to the hit piece.

“David Brock is the sodomite Hillary Clinton associate who is disgustingly tied to James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Ping Pong,” Peters explained regarding Media Matters’ founder and his ties to the epicenter of Pizzagate. At Comet Ping Pong, disturbing and sexualized images of children hang on the walls, and leaked emails between Brock and Alefantis have been a major source of suspicion that Brock, Alafantis, and Comet Pizza are tied to the highest levels of child sex trafficking and sacrifice.

“These bizarre and disgusting emails have never been disproven,” Peters reminded his audience.

“You can’t talk about Media Matters without discussing George Soros,” Peters went on to say of the group’s ties to the infamous Nazi collaborator and Ukraine-overthrowing leftist.

“Soros was the top donor for Democratic candidates during the 2022 midterm elections, reported by CNBC.”

“Media Matters is one of the most evil outfits out there, so we’re proud to be attacked by their legions of demons,” said Peters. “And we hope that everyone within earshot of this voice or watching this show will join with us in standing up to the dark and evil forces out there trying to destroy the Christian West.”

“Here at this show, we’re never going to stop saying what we actually believe.”

Watch the full segment of the Stew Peters Show below:

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