Last Updated on December 15, 2022

GOP establishment leader Kevin McCarthy got defensive when a reporter asked him why it’s been “so hard” for him to secure the 218 votes he needs to be the next Speaker of the House, accusing the reporter of asking an “inappropriate” question.

“Why has it been so hard for you to get 218 votes to become speaker?” the reporter asked Kevin McCarthy as he fielded questions in DC.

In video footage that captured the exchange, McCarthy, who calls upon the reporter with a grin, quickly has the smiles wiped off his face, as he’s confronted with the lackluster support he’s managed to garner for the speakership.

McCarthy’s been pursuing the gavel since at least 2015 when he was beaten out by his good friend Paul Ryan after an alleged affair with a female Representative blew up in the press.

“You’ve been meeting with members of the Freedom Caucus but the votes just aren’t there,” the reporter went on, adding that even if McCarthy truly has the support of President Trump, he still can’t manage to get the votes he needs to run Congress.

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Watch McCarthy cling to his speaker ambitions below:

Officially, at the moment, McCarthy faces a challenge for the speakership from Freedom Caucus Rep. Andy Biggs, who says he knows of roughly two dozen “firm” votes against McCarthy’s speakership. If those hold, it will be an impossibility for McCarthy to be elected Speaker without significant Democrat support.

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As McCarthy desperately clings to his self-assigned title of “speaker-elect,” despite not having the 218 votes required, GOP establishment members and their associated news outlets, including Breitbart, are floating the doomsday scenario that if conservatives don’t fall in line, Republicans will have no choice but to elect a Democrat, or even ousted RINO Liz Cheney as Speaker of the House.

In the aftermath of the 2022 midterms, in which Kevin McCarthy’s long promised “red wave” to seize control of the House presented itself as a tiny “pink trickle,” it has been revealed that McCarthy used corrupt FTX money to derail America First campaigns, empowering RINOs and Democrats in a naked attempt to keep a hold of his influence and protect his speaker ambitions, even if it meant selling out the American People.

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