Last Updated on January 17, 2023

World Economic Forum founder and executive director Klaus Schwab showed up 8 hours late to the WEF’s annual summit at Davos, proclaiming from the stage that he will “master the future.” Early reports indicated that Schwab was sick and wouldn’t be in attendance. Officially sitting out the summit though, are George Soros and Joe Biden, as more questions than ever are being raised about the WEF and its global influence.

Though originally set to take the Davos stage at 9:00 AM, the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab didn’t show up until around 5:00 PM, after early reports indicated that he was “sick” and wouldn’t be in attendance at all.

With an overlying theme of the Davos summit being the global elite’s quest to “master the future,” Schwab wasted no time after his late arrival in fantasizing over his fascistic plans for humanity.

“What does it mean to master the future?” Schwab asked the crowd, after telling them that the world must be delivered from multiple, ongoing “crises.”

“I think [mastering the future means] to have a platform where all stakeholders of global society are engaged,” he answered, before talking about his dreams of merging the corporation with the state and giving NGOs like his own legislative power over all of humanity.

“Governments, business, civil societies, the young generation, I could go on, I think is the first step to meet all the challenges.”

Watch a portion of Schwab’s Davos speech below:

While Schwab eventually showed up to the WEF’s Davos summit, globalist billionaire and longtime WEF affiliate George Soros did not, claiming in a public statement that he had a “scheduling conflict.”

Much like Soros, other big names in globalism are being marked absent from Davos this year, including Joe Biden, as more questions than ever are being raised by people all over the world as the what the WEF is doing, and why they’re doing it.

The shadowy organization has taken on a far more visible role in world affairs since the COVID-19 “pandemic” and “vaccine” roll-out, publicly claiming that they’ll seize upon human suffering to usher in their “fourth industrial revolution” and “great reset.”

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