Last Updated on January 18, 2023

One prominent rightwing YouTuber has begun to suggest Conservative leaders are colluding with Big Tech companies.

Steven Crowder, the host of “Louder with Crowder”, posted a video on Youtube where he accused “Conservative media giants” of being “no better than Big Tech.”

“The people you thought were fighting for you have been putting quick profits and the appeasement of their tech overlords ahead of any real conservative values,” the video’s description reads.

“I believe many of those in the rightwing media are actually at odds with what’s best for you, the viewer, the customer, and more importantly the country,” Crowder said at the beginning of his video.

Crowder explained how he once thought all of rightwing media was “in this together,” taking a fight to Big Tech, but lamented that  “many of those in charge of the big conservative platforms” are “verifiably in bed with them [Big Tech].”

“Big Tech is in bed with Big Con[servative]; a lot of it has been a big con,” he added.

Crowder went on to show contracts he had been offered by rightwing media companies which threatened him with lowered compensation should he face Big Tech censorship from platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify.

One contract stated if Crowder’s content was banned from any major platforms his compensation fee would be reduced. The fee he would receive would drop by 20% if Youtube or Apple deplatform him and 10% if Facebook and Spotify do.

Crowder slammed this idea because he believes it means Conservative media companies are admitting that leftists can control their content creators by organizing boycotts or by pressuring Big Tech to censor them.

He said this was rightwing companies admitting they’ll punish creators like himself to appeal to leftwing voices.

If a creator was censored across every platform, they could be making as little as 5 percent of their original contract fee, Crowder explained.

“Those in charge, the Big Conservative, the Big Con, and it really is the biggest con going right now – they’re making it known in their contracts that they will enforce the guidelines of Big Tech and they’ll punish Conservatives on their behalf,” the Louder With Crowder host said emphatically.

Crowder lamented that he “wished those at the top” wanted to “do better.”

He then called on any content creator facing pressure from rightwing companies to adhere to Big Tech guidelines surrounding content and misinformation to reach out to him. Crowder suggested he would help produce their show and hinted at even creating an entire network to compete with the “Big Con” media companies.

Crowder clarified he was not turning against Conservatism but he believes he is now finally standing up for Conservatives:

“Everything that I ever stood for, I’m standing for now. It’s precisely because I believe what I say that I’m doing this. And by the way, too many of these people aren’t our friends. So this is the last call to those conservative businesses in on the big con, you have a chance. Join me in making this right. You know you’ve lost your way. It’s never too late to correct the course. We can all work together and fix this. It doesn’t have to be this way.”

His video, titled “It’s time to stop” has had just under 900,000 Youtube views and 200,000 Rumble views in 24 hours. Watch Crowder’s video below:

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