Last Updated on March 3, 2023


Disturbing video footage from an Ohio elementary school shows black students attacking their white peers and holding them hostage on a playground as they put them on their knees and force them to swear allegiance to Black Lives Matter, the far-left militant group responsible for dozens of homicides and the burning of American cities.

The racially-motivated attack took place on February 10th at Springfield, Ohio’s Kenwood Elementary School, where a group of black students celebrated “black history month” by attacking their white peers, holding them hostage on a playground, and forcing them to state that “black lives matter,” in between punches. Video footage of the BLM-inspired attack shows that multiple students were involved and that the victims were pummeled repeatedly, even after complying with their attackers and getting down on their knees.

In one video frame, one of the attackers repeatedly appears to thrust his crotch into the back of a victim’s head, as others start dancing.

In another, one of the attackers has a victim slung over his shoulder, before he throws him to the ground, where he’s apparently forced to pledge his allegiance to BLM.

According to the school’s principal, white kids who tried to escape the racist attack were “chased down and escorted, dragged or carried,” back to the larger group, where they too were forced to swear their allegiance to the far-left Black Lives Matter movement.

Police were called to the school on the day of the attack, leading to “multiple” elementary school students being charged with assault. According to a police report on the incident obtained by journalist Andy Ngo, the crime is being classified by law enforcement as “Anti-White,” though it is unclear if the assailants will actually face hate crime charges as a result of the attack.

Watch video footage of the attack below:

In a Facebook post confirming the attack, the mother of one of the victims wrote that at Kenwood Elementary School, her “12 year old was really forced on his knees Friday and to say blm.”

“Watch your babies!” the post went on. “This is getting unsafe!”

In the post’s comment section, the mother admitted that she’s “terrified” to send her son to his own school.

Ohio BLM Attack
via Facebook

The attack on white children at school in Ohio resembles a wider phenomenon being seen all over the United States, as corporate media, the entertainment industry, and even schools themselves continue to push what’s been described as a “blood libel” against white people and the white founders of the United States of America.

As National File recently reported, a pair of troubling and especially brutal attacks on white children on school buses have been ignored by corporate media and school authorities have refused to take meaningful action to stop the issue at hand from continuing.

In one of the attacks, a 9-year-old white girl and her 10-year-old brother were savagely beaten by black teenagers in a caught-on-video school bus attack in Florida. In another, which was also captured on video, a white boy was strangled by a black girl on his school bus and school administrators in Fairfax County, Virginia have refused to take action to protect him.

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