Last Updated on February 15, 2023

A new video from the World Series of Poker is making its rounds online as a hot microphone picks up a discussion between two professional poker players and one of them describes the dangerous side effects he’s faced since taking the COVID-19 jab.

The hot mic at the World Series of Poker picked up a discussion at a poker table between American Jeffrey Farnes and Canadian Aaron Duczak. Throughout the conversation, Farnes describes the dangerous side effects he’s faced since taking the COVID jab, including attacks on his heart.

“I wish I never would’ve got the vaccine,” Farnes can be heard saying on the hot mic. “I’ve been having chest pain ever since I had that thing,” he said.

“You’re still having it?” Aaron Duczak asked, going on to reveal that he himself “held out” on taking the jab, before being forced to comply with Biden and Trudeau’s border-crossing jab mandates which, of course, are only enforced along America’s northern border with Canada and not the migrant-pounded southern border with Mexico.

“I need to go get it checked out,” Farnes added, mentioning the heart and artery side effects experienced by millions of jab recipients, which are known to be fatal. “Ever since [I got the jab] it’s been weird,” he said.

Watch the video below:

The COVID jab side effects experienced by Jeffrey Farnes have been known to lead to sudden death, prompting the release of Stew Peters’ mega-viral new film, Died Suddenly, which blows the lid off of the de-population and bioweapon agenda at the heart of COVID-19 and its medical “treatments.”

Much like Farnes, countless millions of Americans and citizens of other nations have experienced frightening and fatal COVID jab side effects, with athletes in peak physical condition dropping dead on the field of play, and young children experiencing heart disease at completely unprecedented rates.

The side effects have been so widespread and so severe, that mega hospitals are now marketing myocarditis heart disease treatments to young children – a potentially-fatal condition that was considered extremely rare prior to the roll-out of COVID-19 and its “vaccines”.

‘Safe and Effective’: Jab-Pushing NYC Hospital Markets Myocarditis Heart Treatments to Children

Despite the best efforts of Big Pharma, along with their government and media allies, to squash valid concerns about COVID jab side effects, resistance to “vaccine” mandates and pressure campaigns are continuing to grow.

Much like in the World Series of Poker, where foreign players were forced to accept the COVID jab before being admitted to the United States, the NFL has been at the forefront of pushing COVID jabs on its players and employees, mandating the jab among non-players, and running a brow-beating campaign that’s seen upwards of 98% of all NFL players accept the “non-mandatory” COVID-19 jab.

That effort has been criticized for leading to the on-field collapse of Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin, who recently refused to discuss the cause of his collapse, which was witnessed on live television by millions of people and mimicked the sudden falls of other jabbed athletes around the globe.

Video: Damar Hamlin Refuses to Discuss Cause of On-Field Collapse as NFL Narrative Crumbles