The corrupt FTX money used by Kevin McCarthy to attack the America First movement and buy seats in Congress for the GOP establishment is all over Virginia’s battleground 2nd District. There, the midterm election victory of pro-trans Republican Jen Kiggans was fueled by millions of dollars worth of campaign cash from McCarthy’s FTX-funded political machine.

Beginning in the GOP primary phase and lasting until the end of the midterms, pro-trans Republican Jen Kiggans (VA-2) benefited from more than $5 million worth of cash from Kevin McCarthy’s FTX-funded Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) political machine.

In addition to six-figure cash infusions, like the $450,000 she received during her primary race against America First candidate Jarome Bell, McCarthy’s FTX-funded CLF spent millions blanketing the airways with pro-Kiggans campaign ads.

All the while, Jen Kiggans cozied up to the FTX-tied GOP establishment leader, vowing to support Kevin McCarthy for Speaker as a member of Congress.

Jen Kiggans FTX CLF
Jen Kiggans received more than $5 million from Kevin McCarthy’s FTX-funded Congressional Leadership Fund in Virginia’s 2nd District.

McCarthy was so invested in Kiggans’ race that he told a 2nd District GOP rally that “the number one place I want to be the night before the election,” is “with Jen Kiggans.”

Jen Kiggans Kevin McCarthy
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The millions spent by McCarthy and the CLF to buy Jen Kiggans a seat in Congress came as McCarthy led a concerted, nationwide effort to destroy the America First movement and fill the US House of Representatives with establishment legislators, on the hook financially for supporting his agenda.

As National File revealed in an explosive report, documenting Kevin McCarthy’s use of FTX scam cash to defeat conservatives, the GOP establishment leader worked throughout the 2022 campaign season to consolidate his power and pave his own road to the Speaker’s gavel, which has escaped him in the past.

By offering up massive cash infusions to candidates supportive of his own ambitions, McCarthy sought to create an army of loyalists to safeguard the upcoming, January 3rd, 2023 vote for Speaker of the House.

In addition to Jen Kiggans, among Kevin McCarthy’s army of loyalists, apparently, is Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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Continuing with our spearheading coverage of the FTX scam and its ties to GOP leadership, National File spoke exclusively with Jarome Bell, who had the endorsement of General Flynn and joined President Trump on stage at Mar-a-Lago, before his America First campaign for Congress was derailed by McCarthy’s FTX midterm plot.

Throughout the 2022 primary campaign, Bell hammered Kiggans’ left-wing voting record in the Virginia State Senate, which includes support for the Democrats’ election takeover and allowing men to use girls’ bathrooms.

Along with McCarthy’s FTX-funded political machine, establishment interests, with shady financial backings at best, flooded into the primary race between Bell and Kiggans, delivering a whopping $1.3 million worth of pro-Kiggans, anti-Bell campaign material in the primary campaign alone.

“I know for a fact that Kevin McCarthy helped manipulate my primary,” Bell, who’s been outspoken in his opposition to McCarthy becoming Speaker, told National File.

“From his FTX-tied Congressional Leadership Fund, he dumped in $450,000 for my opponent, Jen Kiggans, who he named a ‘Young Gun.’ That’s nothing but a code word for ‘this is my person, put the money here.’ After he did, even more establishment money flowed in.”

“Let’s first be honest as to the main reasons I came out against Kevin McCarthy,” Bell said.

“Before he called Jen Kiggans one, he was considered a ‘Young Gun’ himself, right along with Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan.”

“He was part of the 2016 leadership of Congress that became the Never Trump crowd and stifled everything President Trump wanted to do for two years, when we controlled the House and the Senate which, at the time, included another failure from VA-2, Scott Taylor.”

“We had two years to push the needle back to the right and implement President Trump’s America First agenda that I ran on in 2020,” Bell said. “Yet they battled him and did nothing for the American people.”

Kevin McCarthy and his allies in the GOP establishment, Bell explained, “gave us Pelosi, Schumer, and in the Second District of Virginia, they gave us Elaine Luria. Most don’t know this, but Elaine Luria voted for Scott Taylor in 2016, before running against him and defeating him in 2018 and 2020. It’s called the uni-party.”

“McCarthy removed himself from consideration for Speaker in 2015 after his conduct was called unbecoming, and to this day, his unbecoming conduct continues; with the FTX scandal and his use of allegedly laundered and stolen funds, linked to Ukraine, which should once again disqualify him from serving as Speaker,” Bell told National File.

“He refuses to come to the table with the Freedom Caucus but uses his insiders to try and make the FTX scandal go away.”

“He won’t commit to getting rid of Nancy Pelosi’s rules.”

“He won’t commit to regular order and he’s planning to go and cooperate with the violent Democrats and share power,” said Bell.