I recently had Spike Cohen on my show to discuss the subject of liberty, which is a much-needed conversation as the nation moves forward from the midterm elections. Cohen was the 2020 vice presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party and has been a fixture in the liberty movement. He is also the founder of You Are the Power, a liberty-minded advocacy group.

As I wrote previously, I believe the liberty movement has an opportunity to speed up its growth, with both Republicans and Democrats becoming even more disillusioned with their respective parties. In the conversation, we discussed how to apply liberty-focused principles in the effort to gain more political influence. We also talked about the importance of focusing on winning in local and state governments more than federal.

Finally, we also talked about Cohen’s views on white supremacy and how Caucasians can stop oppressing poor, defenseless black folks like myself. In case you don’t know me yet, that was a joke. Let me know what you think of the conversation, and please SUBSCRIBE!

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