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Governor David Monreal Avila announced the implementation and deployment of the Special Security Forces Group in Zacatecas, which will help to recover social peace in the state after the harsh attacks of organized crime.

The governor of Zacatecas, David Monreal Avila, announced the start of operations of a new group of special forces made up of public security specialists from military institutions.

“The formation of a group of special reaction forces to contain and address the issue of insecurity is not a rearrangement. It is not a regrouping. It is not… no, they are new elements that we achieved through a call with specialty, with vocation, with curricula from the Navy, the National Guard and the Mexican Army, to form this entire reaction force and today, today it begins its function,” informed the state governor.

In addition to this group, new members of the National Guard have arrived in the state and are staying at the Unidad Deportiva de la Capital, a space that has been conditioned as a barracks, added Monreal Ávila.

“There are 62 elements, but we are going to expand it, now depending on the result and the attractive thing is that they are new elements, it is not readjustment, you don’t stop uniting, you don’t take away from highway police, no, they are all new hires and also a reinforcement of almost 500 elements of the National Guard arrived”.

About the new group

The new police force has two fundamental tasks, with which the authorities hope to reduce violence rates.

“With attention to the priority, the highways of Zacatecas, they will be attending the highways of Zacatecas, with attention to the Guadalupe, Zacatecas and the Fresnillo area”, detailed Governor David Monreal.

During the weekend, the Secretary of Public Safety made a tour with these new elements through the Jerez mountain range for the road reconnaissance of this region.

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