Business Insider: Russia prepared for Ukraine war with university blood drives and by having surgeons practice on large animals — but they may not have been ready for the extent of the casualties 

* Before invading Ukraine, Russia set up blood drives and field hospitals, The Economist reported. 

* Surgeons in the field were even practicing on large animals that were under anesthetics. 

* Ukraine’s medical treatment has given them an advantage over Russia, The Wall Street Journal reported. 

An estimated 50,000 Russians have died fighting the war in Ukraine, according to a July Associated Press report, and for 17 months Russia averaged about 400 casualties per day — a bloody toll for which the Kremlin apparently tried to prepare. 

In the months before Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, there were several indications that Russia was preparing for mass casualties, and thus for war, Major-General Tim Hodgetts, the surgeon general of the British armed forces, told The Economist. 

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WNU Editor: I am always asking my relatives and friends in both Russia and Ukraine if they are getting he health care that they need. No problems in Russia. In Ukraine, I am told the hospitals are full with wounded soldiers and the health care system is being rationed to favor the military.

According to AP/BBC/Mediazona and Meduza an estimated 50,000 Russians have died fighting the war in Ukraine …. How many Russians have died in Ukraine? Data shows what Moscow hides (AP).