Destruction of armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Zaporizhzhya direction © Press Service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation/TASS  

RT: Moscow issues update on estimated Ukrainian casualties during counteroffensive 

Kiev has lost over 43,000 troops since it launched its push against Russian positions in June, the Defense Ministry reported  

Ukraine sustained losses of more than 43,000 troops during June and July, as it continued its attempted counteroffensive against Russian positions, the Russian Defense Ministry has estimated. 

The casualty rate was mirrored by the destruction of a large number of Ukrainian weapons, according to the summary, which was released on Friday.  

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Update: Kiev loses over 43,000 troops in botched counteroffensive — Russia’s top brass (TASS)  

WNU Editor: I do not know if the numbers from the Russian Ministry of Defense are accurate. But I do know there is a growing acknowledgement in the Western media that Ukraine has suffered heavy losses …. After Suffering Heavy Losses, Ukrainians Paused to Rethink Strategy (New York Times).