Which is the party of the rich and famous? Democrats.

Which is the party of wealthy coastal elites? Democrats.

We’ve known this for some time, of course, and the people who are running Joe Biden also seem to know it, as a huge, glitzy Hollywood fundraiser is in the works for the president’s re-election campaign. Guests are said to include former President Barack Obama as well as Hollywood stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts.


Because “Scranton Joe” is just so good at bonding with regular folks, you know?

The star-studded lineup is expected to boost Biden’s fundraising efforts at a time when Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee are aiming to close the cash gap now that the former president has won the delegates needed to secure the nomination, allowing him to use all the GOP tools at his disposal.

The high-profile Biden event, set for mid-June, will feature a contest with Clooney and Roberts run across the campaign’s social media platforms to engage grassroots donors, as well as top celebrities and surrogates, according to details first shared with NBC News. The two Academy Award winners will also lend their names for campaign emails and text messages, in hopes of attracting more contributions.

This kind of fundraiser is necessary, we would presume, because of the nature of the Democratic Party’s national constituency at the moment. The Democrats, as noted above, are the party of celebrities and wealthy coastal and urban elites, as well as the dependency class. The dependency constituency can’t contribute much to cover campaign costs, so the necessity of the star-studded begging sessions.

It might not be enough to help Joe Biden – or whoever the candidate ends up being – win in November.


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Money, you see, is a big deal in a presidential campaign – but it’s not everything. In 2016, Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I outspent Donald Trump by almost two to one, and yet Trump won, handily. You can only buy so many votes with promises of free stuff; at some point, messaging comes into play, and that’s not to befuddled old Joe’s advantage.

What do the Democrats have to sell in this election? Runaway inflation? A non-existent southern border? Destroying women’s sports? None of those things are an easy sell, except for the “woke” left that will vote Democrat if the candidate is a stuffed armadillo – or even Joe Biden.

Which brings us to one more point. Here’s one rather amusing tidbit:

The Biden and Obama teams continue to discuss the scope of the former president’s engagement, including a recent in-person meeting between Obama and Biden senior adviser Mike Donilon, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Let me translate that from politic-speak to English for you: The Biden and Obama teams are wondering how much they can keep befuddled, confused, shambling old Joe out of the public eye while maintaining some semblance of a campaign. But this isn’t 2020, there is no pandemic, and there’s no excuse to keep old Joe in a Delaware basement to campaign by Zoom call.


We can very well imagine how that meeting between Barack Obama and Mike Donilon went: “Mike, please, I’m serious, you have to minimize Joe’s public appearances. He never was any good at it, and he’s lost it now. Do you want to win this? Then keep Joe under wraps.”

Not even Hollywood may be enough to save Joe Biden – which makes it all the more likely that someone, between now and Election Day, is going to have to bell the cat.