Russian President Vladimir Putin invited Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit Moscow, a trip Xi is still considering. © Reuters 

Zero Hedge: China Foresees End Of Ukraine War This Summer: Report 

A fascinating new report in Nikkei Asia has unearthed and detailed the findings of an elite Chinese state-linked think tank which reports directly to the People’s Liberation Army. Nikkei in the context of examining the timing and motives behind China’s 12-point peace plan said that Chinese military experts are predicting the Russia-Ukraine war will end this summer. 

To review, the 12-point plan urged implementation of a ceasefire and the resumption of negotiations toward a permanent peaceful settlement, and was unveiled on the one-year Feb.24 anniversary of the war. But the Nikkei report asserts there’s specific rationale driving Beijing: “The reason for China’s sudden change can be traced back to a report issued two months earlier by a top think tank in Beijing.”  

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WNU editor: I do not see the war winding down this summer. I actually see an escalation. But kudos to China for at least pushing a proposal to start negotiations …. U.S. And The EU Dismiss China’s Peace Initiative To End The Ukraine War (February 24, 2023).