The former president also provided several key suggestions of topics the committee leadership might consider adding to the already impressive list of questionable actions taken by the Biden DOJ

Donald J Trump

On January 25th, Donald Trump released a new video on his Truth Social platform thanking House Republicans for creating the new select subcommittee on the ‘weaponization’ of the federal government.

In the video, Trump re-issued his previous calls to investigate former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of Trump’s 2016 campaign, where Democrats falsely alleged then-candidate Trump colluded with Russian agents to ultimately win the election – a scenario that was later completely debunked by Mueller himself in his final report.

The former president also urged the new Congressional panel to look into the sketchy practices of the now disbanded January 6th subcommittee, as well as the rampant social media suppression of stories – such as Hunter Biden’s laptop ahead of the 2020 election – over the false FBI warnings of foreign disinformation attempts and the now confirmed DOJ agency’s over 3 million in grift payments to the previous ownership of Twitter.

In the video, which we have provided for you here in its entirety, Trump called for:

‘…a full report on any domestic surveillance of MAGA supporters that have taken place under Biden or Obama and the radical left.’

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The powerful new subcommittee is being led by Ohio GOP Rep. Jim Jordan, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee under which this panel is positioned. The new subcommittee will function under the auspices of the Judiciary in its endeavors and subpoena power.

Its stated purpose is to probe investigations within the Department of Justice.

‘The New House Committee on the weaponization of the federal government is a rare chance to expose the breathtaking corruption of the security state, the media, and the Washington swamp,’ Trump declared in the slightly over 4-minute video.

He also suggested the panel look into reports from September 2020 that FBI agents who were examining his 2016 campaign under Operation Crossfire Hurricane bought liability insurance. Why does anybody buy liability insurance? In case they are later found to have done something negligent or wrong, they can’t later be held personally responsible for the acts.

‘The only reason to do that is because they knew it [the information they were disseminating] was fake, and they knew that sometime there’d be a guy like Trump that wants to go after them,’ Trump said in the video.

Trump also suggested the new panel go after the previous leadership of Twitter for its meetings with the FBI regarding foreign misinformation attempts, which he claimed was:

‘…to interfere in domestic politics in the final weeks of multiple US election seasons, and specifically and most importantly, in the presidential election of 2020.’

‘What the FBI did was suppress anything bad about Biden, and go all out, put it all out there, if there was anything at all bad about Trump. And if there wasn’t anything bad, we’d make it up. What that was is a rigged election just by itself,’ he said.

Also, ‘What was the role of federal agents and informants, and pressing the crowd toward the Capitol on January 6?’ Trump asked.

‘And who is Ray Epps? tell me about Ray Epps. Where does he come from? I think we know.’

Epps, who traveled to the Capitol that day as crowds descended on Washington DC to protest Joe Biden’s electoral victory, has been accused of being a federal plant.

Trump wrapped his video with a message directly to Jordan and Oversight Chair Rep. James Comer, the two House Republicans spearheading investigative efforts into the Biden administration.

‘This committee is a vital chance to bring it all to light, begin to heal our divisions, and save our beloved country. I want to thank you for listening but it’s a big problem. We have to do something.

I also want to pay my respects to James Comer, and Jim Jordan for the incredible job they’re doing, for the work they’re doing, and for the love they have for our country. Thank you both.

Veracity Editor’s Note:

This unbiased, non-satirical, fully attributed article was thoroughly researched by our team of fact-checkers and found to be accurate. The sources relied upon for the factual basis of this article were: CBS, CNN, The New York Times, The New York Post, Fox News, The Associated Press, Reuters, and

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This article was compiled and written by Chief Political Correspondent Kurt Dillon – Because the Truth Matters!

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