Toilet attendant in Moscow (Photo:  

Daily Mail: EU bans the export of toilets to Russia – where one in five households have no indoor plumbing – in a bid to punish Putin for Ukraine invasion 

* The European Union banned the exportation of lavatories to Russia last summer 

* Russian citizens could be impacted as only one in five have indoor plumbing 

* Russian soldiers are looting toilets in Ukraine to send back to families in Russia 

The European Union has banned the export of lavatories to Russia in a bid to punish Vladmir Putin for his invasion into Ukraine. 

The banned sale of lavatories was brought in in July 2022, but is only just being reported. It could have a considerable effect on Russian citizens given that one in five do not have indoor plumbing in their homes. 

According to the Telegraph, the situation is so dire that toilets have been looted by soldiers fighting in Ukraine to be sent back to their loved ones in Russia – a pattern which has previously been brought to light by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Read more ….  

Update #1: EU renewing ban on sales of toilets to Russia on war anniversary (EU Observer)

Update #2: New EU sanctions on Russia to span from tech to toilets – media (RT)  

WNU Editor: I have a lot of contacts, friends, and family in Russia. They all have a toilet in their homes.