Here’s what to anticipate at Qatar’s groundbreaking Expo 2023 Doha.

An array of exciting attractions and activities lie in wait as the highly-anticipated International Horticultural Expo 2023 Doha draws closer.

The event, set to signify Doha’s commitment to the twin pillars of sustainability and innovation, is expected to kick off on 2 October 2023 and conclude on 28 March 2024.

“We’ve been ready to host the Expo 2023 Doha for a long time! We’re now ready and prepared to make sure that the first and biggest horticultural event in the Middle East will be a success,” Expo 2023 Doha Secretary General, Mohammed Al Khouri, told the Peninsula.

Set to be the showstoppers at the event, the Environment Centre & Biodiversity Museum, Family Amphitheatre, Indoor Domes, Cultural Bazaar, Farmers Market, Sponsors Area, and Grandstand Arena, form the pillars of the global event.

At the forefront of the expo’s environmental commitment is the Environment Centre & Biodiversity Museum.

The dedicated platform is poised to unfurl the best of environmental science, renewable energy demonstrations, and innovative technologies. As the Expo 2023 Doha website suggests, the centre aims not only to display but also enlighten visitors with vital climate change data and information, fostering awareness and inspiring action.

Meanwhile, the Biodiversity Museum, an integral part of the centre, will exhibit the diverse range of the region’s flora, fauna, and marine life, showcasing a deep appreciation for the earth’s myriad species.

The Congress Center forms another vital facility, acting as an exclusive hub for all conferences throughout the expo’s six-month duration.

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, the venue provides the perfect setting for national weeks with VIP delegations and officials, allowing a space for networking, idea-sharing, and the formation of worthwhile partnerships.

With an impressive 7,500 sqm of premium exhibition space, the Exhibition Center forms an excellent stage for both short and long-term exhibitions.

There’s also something for everyone. Visitors can head over to the Family Amphitheatre and Indoor Domes where activities cater to families and children, including the amphitheater which will host a range of edutainment shows.

Meanwhile, the Indoor Domes, home to meticulously maintained indoor gardens, will captivate visitors with their unique flora requiring specific indoor conditions.

A walk through the Cultural Bazaar will be a sensory journey into a vibrant marketplace filled with traditional artisanal products and handcrafted treasures from around the world, encapsulating the rich heritage and creativity of diverse cultures.

The Farmers Market takes the spotlight as it provides a platform for local farmers and growers to display their produce, fostering a sense of community and promoting local businesses. International pavilions will also seize the opportunity to exhibit and sell their agricultural products, underlining the global nature of the event.

The Sponsors Area has been earmarked within the park to enable sponsors to craft activations aligning with the Expo’s central and sub-themes. This interactive space allows sponsors to engage with visitors, adding to the overall success of the event.

The Grandstand Arena, capable of hosting 5,000 spectators, is also set to be the centre stage for world-famous international and regional artists, promising an unparalleled entertainment experience.