“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

In the Industrial neighborhood of Fresnillo, armed individuals tried to abduct a woman, but a man prevented them from doing so and they shot him; unfortunately, the bullets also hit a little girl who also lost her life.

Around 10:40 a.m. this Saturday morning, on De la Paz Street, near the Benito Juarez sports unit, the criminals tried to take the woman, apparently the mother of the minor.

Upon realizing this, the man intervened to prevent them from kidnapping her, so the men shot him, but also hit the girl.

The gunmen fled without taking the woman, who took the child in her arms and called for help, although no neighbor wanted to help her.

Moments later, paramedics from the Red de Emergencias Médicas de Zacatecas (Remeza) arrived, who confirmed that the man had already died, and although they took the girl into the ambulance while she was still alive, she also died while they were helping her.

Officers from the Municipal, State and Metropolitan Police as well as the National Guard went to the scene and found the man lying on the sidewalk, face up, with his feet on the street, and next to his body a red motorcycle, the girl was found on board the ambulance.

Relatives of the victims suffered nervous breakdowns and were assisted by paramedics from the Red de Emergencias Médicas de Zacatecas (Remeza) and the Red Cross.

Agents of the Investigation Police and experts from the Zacatecas Institute of Forensic Sciences arrived to carry out field work and transfer the bodies for necropsy studies.

Zacafecas Online  Reportero Angel Martínez