Last Updated on March 13, 2023


Republican Arizona congressman Paul Gosar told Stew Peters on Monday that if House Speaker Kevin McCarthy does not release all of the January 6 footage in his possession then Gosar is “sure” that Republicans will discuss the possibility of removing McCarthy from the speakership with a motion for McCarthy to “vacate the chair.” Gosar made the comment in an appearance on The Stew Peters Show.

Kevin McCarthy won the Speaker’s gavel after a contentious and historical 15-vote marathon during the first week of 2023. He only secured victory after finally giving in on a key concession on a rule known as the Motion to Vacate the Chair.

The rule had been changed by Nancy Pelosi, and McCarthy, who had previously dug in his heels on keeping Pelosi’s rules, which would’ve required more than one member to introduce the motion, was finally retired in favor of the original Jeffersonian rule, which was in place in the House for more than 200 years prior to Pelosi’s rule.

Gosar pledged to push for the full release of the January 6 footage to the American people. So far, Tucker Carlson Tonight has highlighted some clips that the Tucker team viewed at the U.S. Capitol, including footage showing that the viking helmet-clad shaman Jacob Chansley was guided around the Capitol by law enforcement. But when will all of the footage come out for public consumption?

“I certainly hope that’s coming. We have our annual retreat, Stew, coming up beginning of next week, and this will be one of the issues that we ask for. And we’re going to push for,” Gosar vowed. Gosar said that the mainstream media’s narrative on the January 6 protest was false and added that “it’s not just the media. There are forces behind the scenes when you start looking at Pelosi’s role…”

“To be honest with you, we’re not asking for anything out of the ordinary. These should be released before the defendants, when they were wrapped up and incarcerated in the gulag. They should have access to these for a full defense. But that’s not what this government is doing,” Gosar said.

“They have violated everything, Stew, and so there’s an urgency to getting this, and I will tell you it will be brought up at the conference,” Gosar said.

In the video below, Stew Peters asked Gosar if the “motion to vacate the chair” (and remove McCarthy from the speakership) will be discussed if Kevin McCarthy does not keep his promise to release the footage?

“I’m sure it will. I mean, that’s some of the things that we fought for,” Paul Gosar stated. Gosar added that it’s time for Republicans in the House to focus on doing meaningful things like bringing back the rule of law and taking on the FBI and CIA instead of focusing on pushing through bills that go nowhere with Biden in the White House.