“Ivan” For Borderland Beat 

On the early hours of Sunday May 28th, 2023, several videos where published on Twitter depicting a large convoy of armored trucks belonging to the “Scorpions” faction who are gulf cartel members based out of Matamoros. More than 100 armored trucks are shown in a video patrolling the city of Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas, according to La Voz Del Pueblo and Halcon Ciudadano  , both twitter accounts based out of Tamaulipas.

As of yet, there is no war between gulf cartel factions “Metros’ of Reynosa and “Scorpions” of Matamoros. Los Metros faction are currently lead by El Primito and his brother R-8, Los Metros appear to be on the defensive, and more than anything standing guard in case “Scorpions”group lead by La Kena or Jefe 19,  decide to make a move into Reynosa. A war between both gulf cartel factions would be highly inconvenient especially for Primito who is currently at war with Cartel Del Noreste in the Ribereña,  and if war erupts with Matamoros that would mean fighting two wars at once for Primito. 

The “Scorpions” of Matamoros are currently still going after any Zetas Vieja Escuela members left in San Fernando, Tamaulipas. 

Important to note that there has been skirmishes in the city limits of Reynosa and Rio Bravo, and Reynosa road to San Fernando. 

I also want to point out that I informed Hearst and Itzli BB contributors, that the Rio Bravo plaza was given up by Comandante Toro M-42 before his death to make a peace pact between Los Metros of Reynosa and Los Ciclones of Matamoros. The Cardenas family asked Toro for the Rio Bravo plaza and Toro accepted the conditions.