“Socalj” for Borderland Beat

The helicopter crash claimed the lives of all 4 onboard, including Porfirio Sánchez the Secretary of Security for the state.

The Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) announced that after the first expert reports carried out on the Aguascalientes government helicopter that crashed on November 17, in which the Secretary of State Security, Porfirio Javier Sánchez, died. They found no evidence of bullet holes.

He also added that immediately after the accident, the investigation file for damage to foreign property and attacks on communication routes was initiated, in accordance with the Federal Penal Code.

He added that up to now, in coordination with the Aguascalientes Prosecutor’s Office, expert opinions have been carried out on civil aeronautics, field criminalistics, fires, security, genetics, ballistics, and the prosecution of the crime scene.

Also that he has conducted interviews with witnesses and reviewed the videos of the C-5 and C-4 in the entity. Some witnesses to the crash of the helicopter told the media that a group of motorcyclists opened fire on the aircraft.

“The first expert reports indicate that no traces of any impact produced by a firearm have been found in the aircraft wreckage to date,” the FGR said.

Source Riodoce, Borderland Beat