Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) drill held by the Iranian army in Semnan, Iran, on Jan. 5, 2021. – Iranian Army/Handout/Anadolu Agency  

Al-Monitor: Iran intel official says China in line to buy Tehran’s drones  

Despite growing Western alarm over the Islamic Republic’s drone shipments to Russia, the Iranian official said 90 countries were “queuing up” for purchases of the same products. 

A senior Iran Intelligence Ministry official said China was among 90 countries “queuing up” to buy Iran-made drones, according to a report by the moderate Entekhab news agency on Wednesday. 

The top adviser, whose name remained undisclosed apparently for security reasons, made the comments during a book-unveiling ceremony at the international Imam Khomeini University in the city of Qazvin.  

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Update #1: Iran to supply China with 15,000 drones, official says (Middle East Monitor)

Update #2: Official Says China To Receive Thousands Of Iranian Drones (Iran International)  

WNU Editor: I am skeptical of this report. China is one of the world’s major developers and manufacturers of drones. I am sure they can reverse engineer (if not already) the drones that Iran has.