Washington Free Beacon: Iranian Supreme Leader Mocks Biden As Demented As Nuclear Deal Negotiations Stall 

Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei mocked President Joe Biden as a “poor, demented” man and led a crowd in chants of “death to America” during a speech on state television on Saturday. 

Biden turned 80 on Sunday, and his age and declining mental sharpness have been a matter of public speculation since his election in 2020. 

Khamenei’s comments come as the Biden administration said this week it is still interested in reaching a nuclear deal with Iran, despite a reported stalemate in the negotiations and the Iranian government’s ongoing violent crackdown on nationwide anti-government protests.  

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Update: Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei: All U.S. Presidents Have Fought Iran; Some Have Dropped Dead and Some Are Still Alive, Like Poor, Demented Biden Who Wants to Save Iran and the Iranians (Memri)  

WNU Editor: I think it is safe to assume that the Iran nuclear deal is dead.