Matildas captain Sam Kerr has called for football to receive its fair share of funding to capitalise on Australia’s golden Women’s World Cup run.

The Matildas swept the nation by storm, shattering TV records, enjoying sellout crowds and filling out live sites around the country as they progressed to the semifinal for the first time.

Australia's football superstar Sam Kerr looks sad but gives a thumbs up to the crowd after the Matildas Women's World Cup loss.

Matildas star Sam Kerr says the funding comparison for football at all levels in Australia with other sports are not good enough.(Getty Images: FIFA/Maddie Meyer)

After Wednesday night’s shattering 3-1 loss to England, Kerr, who scored an extraordinary solo goal, was looking forward.

A massive participation sport, football has traditionally struggled to cut through at the professional level — or land the type of funding that the likes of the AFL and NRL have been able to swing their way.

“We are there, we’re right there,” Kerr said.

“I can only speak for the Matildas. We need funding in our development. We need funding in our grassroots. We need funding. We need funding everywhere.

“The comparison to other sports isn’t really good enough. And hopefully, this tournament changes that because that’s the legacy you leave — not what you do on the pitch. The legacy is what you do off the pitch.

“And hopefully, I mean, it’s hard to talk about now, but hopefully this is the start of something new.”

Vice-captain Steph Catley echoed Kerr’s thoughts and hoped the World Cup could prove “just the beginning” for women’s football in Australia.

“When you look at football in general in Australia — football is very much not funded the way it should be.

“There’s no argument now that people aren’t interested. People are interested. The numbers are there. Kids are playing. People want to be watching the sport.

“So yeah, hopefully, this has just been enough to prove that and to create the argument and to improve facilities, improve standards for women in football, football in general.”

Attacker Emily van Egmond added: “My message is that I hope that this is just the beginning and that they continue to support this team.

“Because like we see if you invest in women’s football, you can see the growth of it and hopefully this is just the start.”

Matildas players watch on at pitchside as Australian fans in the stands cheer and hold up signs after a big match.

The Matildas’ Katrina Gorry thanked fans for their support on home soil and urged them to keep watching and coming to games.(Getty Images: FIFA/Maddie Meyer)

Midfielder Katrina Gorry urged fans not to desert women’s football after the World Cup.

“It’s been absolutely incredible to be on home soil for a World Cup,” Gorry said.

“The supporters that have been with us from day one and everyone else that has jumped on board to watch this beautiful game.

“The shift in Australian football has just been incredible.

“We’ve loved every minute of it. From getting off the plane to walking out of our hotel; Australia, we love you. I hope we’ve made you proud.

“There’s still so much to go for. Don’t jump off the bandwagon now, keep on coming and I’m sure we’ll make you proud.”