Giorgia Meloni has become a bit of a cult figure in world politics since her right-wing coalition was swept into power back in the summer of 2022, much to the shock of many. Videos of her speaking about identity, illegal immigration, and transgenderism have gone viral, showing a woman who isn’t afraid to get in the ring and speak her mind.

She may have done her best work in a recently unearthed, viral clip – thought to be from 2019 – where she absolutely eviscerated France’s Emmanuel Marcon, who’s previously taken jabs at Meloni. Watch the whole thing because it’s an absolute pleasure all the way around. She’s good at this. Really, really good at this.

Meloni takes a blowtorch to France’s modern-day colonialism inside Africa, beginning with the CFA, which is a currency the French print for 14 different African nations. She points out that it is used as a means to control those nations in order to garner kickbacks. After that, Meloni pulls out a picture of a child that is forced to work in the gold mines in Burkina Faso, one of the poorest nations on earth. She goes on to explain that France exploits child laborers to take a 50 percent cut of Burkina Faso’s exports, leaving the country desolate and under its thumb.

Meloni then reiterates that much of the gold being mined by these children, who are essentially slaves, ends up in French coffers. In other words, who in the world is Emmanuel Macron to lecture other nations on morality and decency?

The clip ends with Meloni slamming the French for wanting EU nations to absorb illegal immigrants while they exploit African nations, helping cause the conditions that lead to people fleeing to Europe, and she’s right. The EU is full of hypocritical finger-waggers who hold no actual moral high ground. Italy used to be part of that group when it was controlled by the left, but Meloni’s takeover has led to a new direction. One might even call it an “Italy-First” direction.

Now that she’s taken power, Meloni is the right messenger for her movement. She’s fearless, well-spoken, and knows exactly how to defend the issues she cares about. There are a lot of “nationalists” out there who couldn’t argue their way out of a paper bag. That’s not the case here. Meloni is deadset on making change in Italy and in Europe, and I think a lot of Americans are rooting her on. Besides, who doesn’t love to see Emmanuel Macron get owned?

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