Last Updated on March 31, 2023


Longtime columnist and Fearless show host Jason Whitlock joined the Tucker Carlson Tonight Fox News program after the politically-charged indictment against President Trump was announced in Manhattan, where leftist prosecutor Alvin Bragg openly admits he’s going after the 45th President for being “rich” and “white”.

Whitlock blasted the left-wing political persecution and indictment of President Trump, telling Tucker Carlson that he was formerly apolitical and has never even voted, but that the radical left and their anti-American ways have pushed him to become “hardcore MAGA.”

“I don’t say this with pride,” Whitlock told Carlson. “I really don’t, I’m just being factual. I never voted,” he went on. “I’m not saying that with pride,” he added again, before telling the Fox News host that “I’m hardcore MAGA tonight. I will be voting, I am hardcore MAGA.

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“I’ve never voted,” Whitlock reaffirmed. “I’ve observed Trump, I’m somewhat supportive of Trump, but they have made me MAGA, and they have made me ready for whatever is next because what they are building for young people, I can’t sit by and just let it happen without raising my voice and being willing to sacrifice whatever so that kids don’t like in a communist, Marxist society.”

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“If they have their way, we’re all catching hell except for the elites,” said Whitlock.

“This country is the greatest country in the history of the planet,” Whitlock told Carlson, going on to say that the left has deliberately destroyed America, describing them as “devils” “that don’t believe in God.”

Watch the video below:

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