Perhaps it was their debate, or perhaps it is because of all the recent liberal rhetoric about busing migrants to sanctuary cities across America. Whatever it is, it appears to be working for Governor Abbott

Beto Abbott

The latest poll from The Hill, and Emerson College, shows that, with slightly more than two weeks until the crucial mid-term elections, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has now opened up a full ten-point lead over Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke.

It is unclear if the growing margin is because of their recent debate, the ongoing malaise over Governor Abbott’s continuing to bus high numbers of migrants coming across the border from Mexico into Democratic-run sanctuary cities across America, or even some combination of reasons, but there is no denying it is having a positive effect on Governor Abbott’s popularity with Texas voters.

Even though Governor Abbott has enjoyed a comfortable lead over O’Rourke throughout the entire campaign, recent polls from September by Quinnipiac had shown the margin between the candidates had shrunk to about 7 points.

This latest poll by The Hill and Emerson University shows that brief disparity has now abated and the Governor once again holds a double-digit lead over his challenger.

That latest Emerson College Polling/The Hill survey of Texas voters finds Republican Governor Greg Abbot leading Beto O’Rourke 52% to 42%, with only 4% remaining undecided. However, when undecided voters are asked who they are leaning towards and accounted for in their candidate’s total support, Abbott’s lead only slightly shrinks to 9 points, 53% to 44%. Since the September Emerson/The Hill poll, O’Rourke’s support has held, and Abbot has increased by two percentage points.

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