We evaluated every poll we could find that asked American voters which issues would be most important to them in deciding which way they voted in the November mid-term elections – this is unanimously what they said

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We began our research by first investigating the Generic Congressional polls as they are reported by each of the major polling agencies.

These generic Congressional polls simply ask one question: When voting for House or Senate candidates this yearare you leaning more towards voting for a Democrat, a Republican, or other.

We began our research this way because, if the rhetoric about the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs being the deciding factor in the mid-term elections is true, then the overwhelming majority of upset, pro-choice voters should be chomping at the bit to declare their support for Democrats up and down the ticket.

When we looked at all the generic Congressional polls we could find, we found that the most recent polls, (9/4-9/8 Poll )( 9/7-9/9 Poll) and particularly those that polled the largest number of registered voters, each indicated that they were resoundingly leaning Republican.

Next, we examined as many recent polls as we could find which asked the question: Of all the issues facing America, which is the most important to you in determining who to vote for?

It is important to note that not one single poll showed abortion, or a woman’s right to choose, as its most important issue. Further, none of the polls we could find even showed the abortion issue to be a major factor to even 10% of the people polled. The highest number of respondents that rated the abortion issue as most important to them, was 7%.

To support this further, a recent article by David Harsanyi in The Federalist, also agrees with its title: “There’s little evidence the Dobbs decision is sinking Republicans”

Because of this, we have to say, it doesn’t look like the issue will have anywhere near the weight that certain politicians and unscrupulous media agencies would like us to believe it will. There just is no getting past the numbers.

Compiled by Investigative Reporter Crystal Dillon – Because the Truth Matters!

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