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In Zacatecas, security authorities have identified an increase of women in organized crime activities and positions.

Video translation is as follows:

Azucena Uresti: In Zacatecas, authorities have detected a greater participation and presence of women in positions within criminal organizations. This is a phenomenon that had not been recorded before. These women have been captured on film in their role as assassins and leaders of these groups.

Omar Hernández: Inhabitants of Loreto, Zacatecas recorded the moment in which two women with large caliber rifles and plate carriers took away the motorcycles of residents of the town. While they stand guard a man arranges the ATVs on top of an all-terrain truck.

This happened on Monday between the communities of San Marcos and La Luz where an armed criminal cell attempted to ambush a convoy of State Police who were patrolling the area for the funeral procession of the policeman killed on Friday.

Zacatecas security sources told the ‘Azucena a las 10’ news hour that although there is no official figure, the participation of women in organized crime has increased in recent months. It’s known that at least two deadly attacks in Jerez, including the one at El Venadito bar, had among their ranks female leaders of criminal organizations.

This Tuesday the presence of the Army, National Guard, and State Police was reinforced in the town of Loreto. After the shooting, citizens reported the presence of heavily armed men and women in all-terrain vehicles driving through the streets.

Azucena Uresti  Borderland Beat Archives