Last Updated on February 16, 2023

The school board in Loudoun County, Virginia has voted by a 6-3 margin to cover up the findings of an independent investigation into their mishandling of a 2021 string of rapes committed in the district’s schools, most notably in a girls’ bathroom, by a “gender-fluid” male who donned a skirt and took advantage of the pro-trans policies championed by the Loudoun County School Board and un-elected administrators.

The Loudoun County School Board met Tuesday night and among their topics of discussion was a vote to release the report findings of an independent investigation into their mishandling of the notorious string of rapes that hit the school district in 2021. The rapes came as Loudoun County led the charge among Virginia school district’s to abolish gender, expose children to LGBT doctrine, and grant men access to girl’s bathrooms.

Shockingly, after a female student was raped in a girls’ bathroom by the male student in a skirt, the Loudoun County School Board, led by then-Superintendent Scott Ziegler, refused to act, and had the victim’s father arrested for demanding answers and accountability. Instead of disciplinging or criminally charging the rapist, they simply moved him around the district to another school, where he struck again.

Though most media outlets have reported on just 2 Loudoun County school rapes by the “gender-fluid” assailant, National File previously learned through court documents that the rapist has a third alleged victim, who was too fearful of retribution to come forward. Despite the best efforts of the Loudoun County School Board to sweep the rapes under the rug, the rapist was convicted in court, but then let off virtually scot-free, by a judge who admitted that she’s “scared” of him.

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The rapes in Loudoun County prompted a series of investigations into the Loudoun County School Board and the district it governs, and has led to the indictment of disgraced ex-Superintendent Scott Ziegler.

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The people Virginia though, may well never know what the investigations uncovered, as the Loudoun County School Board voted by a 6-3 margin on Tuesday night to cover up the investigative report into their mishandling of the rapes, much like they covered up the rapes themselves.

“Every Loudoun parent should rememebr the names of these six cowards,” tweeted the 1776 Project PAC, including a roster of those who voted against making the investigative findings public.

The Loudoun County School Board members who voted to cover up the investigation are as followed: Brenda Sheridan, Erika Ogedegbe, Jeff Morse, Ian Serotkin (Chairman), Harris Mahedavi (Vice Chairman), and Atoosa Reaser.

Local residents and Loudoun County school parents are publicly talking about filing a Freedom Of Information Act lawsuit, to uncover the results of the investigation.

National File will continue to cover the ongoing situation in Loudoun County, as well as other attacks on American children in their schools around the country that are so often ignored by those with the ability to stop them.

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