Last Updated on April 20, 2024

In perhaps the most disgraceful moment in the history of Washington, D.C., the House of Representatives voted Friday to fund the warmongering nation-states of Ukraine and Israel as humanity braces for a World War 3 scenario that might catalyze the end of human life on this planet. For more information about the corrupt scam going on in Ukraine, read National File’s investigative series “The Zelensky Leaks.”

Reporter Greg Price tweeted, “The House just voted overwhelmingly to advance the foreign aid bill for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and Gaza. The vote was 316-94 with 165 Democrats and 151 Republicans voting yes. Up next, there’s going to be separate vote on foreign aid to each nation which will then be fused together in one package that will be sent to a senate in a procedural move known as MIRV. No border security, no amendments, just Republican leadership working with Democrats to fund wars across the globe.”

Mike Johnson has been plotting to pass World War 3 funding ever since he got the gavel. Famously, Matt Gaetz stood with a handful of colleagues and ousted crooked former speaker Kevin McCarthy, prompting 22 days of awesome chaos in which Neocon Dan Crenshaw kicked National File publisher Noel Fritsch on Capitol Hill and various establishment Swamp puppets got defeated.

However, a conservative effort to get Jim Jordan into the speakership narrowly failed. Mike Johnson swooped in and got the job after Donald Trump and even Matt Gaetz sadly supported him. Maybe now, Gaetz is realizing that the victory lap he took on Steve Bannon’s limited-hangout podcast was premature. As we expected, Mike Johnson will go down in history as an enemy of humanity, and another worthless puppet for the war machine.

“Ms. Boebert could do better,” Matt Gaetz said, referring to his conservative colleague Lauren Boebert’s ability to do a better job as Speaker of the House than Mike Johnson.

But is it too late now to stop World War 3? Marjorie Taylor Greene has introduced a motion to vacate to oust Mike Johnson from the speakership.

However, Gaetz continues to refuse to join the motion to vacate, claiming it might help the Democrats get a speaker. But surely World War 3 cannot be allowed to happen under Republican Johnson and his coalition of establishment RINO’s and Democrats. What can be done NOW??!!!