“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

Sickened by all the filth that was made public in the New York court and sickened by all the filth that was deliberately hidden from the jury and from the people in the United States who followed the trial in Mexico, I arrive – as a spectator from a distance – at the end, or almost so, of the trial against Genaro García Luna.
Washington could not, its prosecutors could not, the U.S. media could not look in the mirror. They did not want to recognize the bloody failure of their anti-drug strategy in order to survive as a nation.
They did not have the honesty, the courage and the intelligence to accept that both the criminals who testified against García Luna and the “supercop” who has been in prison for three years, are nothing more than their front men, their servants, the scum that this world power needs to function.
A servant of Washington was Vicente Fox, who first abdicated to the mass media and then graciously ceded national territory to criminal organizations.
Executor of the extermination orders and servant of Washington was also Felipe Calderón, in whose six-year term and thanks to the war he imposed on us, the drug cartels multiplied, grew, consolidated themselves as powerful multinational companies and became a bloodthirsty fighting force.
These two PAN members were and are scum; a traitor to democracy and a traitor to the homeland. A democratically elected president and a usurper; both responsible for the rise -and enrichment- of García Luna. As scum of the empire, so is Enrique Peña Nieto, who simply continued the slaughter.
The prosecutors failed, the defense lawyers failed, the judge failed, the U.S. justice failed; they failed the citizens of that country who are dying in droves from the fentanyl plague or saturate the largest and most populated prison system in history.
Not a single English surname was mentioned. Nothing was said about those who paid those three billion dollars a month to the cartels for their merchandise. Of those who ran the warehouses where hundreds of tons of drugs were stored. Of the police and judicial protection required by this gigantic and complex criminal operation.
The justice of the United States failed us Latin Americans who have lost, in these 37 years of war against drugs, millions of compatriots. What a long war, so unfair, so devastating, so dirty!
So useless!
Garcia Luna’s fate is sealed. The jury will decide his fate. They may condemn him, acquit him, or make a pact with him. One more foreigner will have been judged. As before were the Irish, the Italians, the Afro-Americans, the Russians, the Colombians and today it is the turn of the capos and the corrupt of Mexico.
Once again, as Carlos Fuentes said, the Americans will try to kill Moby Dick; that mythical monster that, outside their borders, threatens them and that, outside their borders, they shoot, bomb and try to annihilate without even stopping to think about the so-called collateral casualties.
This brutal disregard for life is the sister of two conservatives, two crusaders: Ronald Reagan, the initiator of the war on drugs in 1986, and Felipe Calderón, who imposed it on us in 2006.
If in the United States they want to close their eyes and mouths, honor Reagan and continue his crusade; let them do it now in their own territory and against their own drug cartels.
Here, since 2018, we put a stop to the systematic killing by the State and we are determined to build peace. For this to be possible, those responsible for the violence – Felipe Calderón and Genaro García Luna, among others – must pay, here in their own land, for all their crimes.