Since 2021, Poland has installed a 5.5-meter-high fence along the land sections of the border with Belarus. Image: Michal Dyjuk/AP/picture alliance 

 DW: Poland sends extra troops to Belarus border 

Poland’s Defense Ministry says it will send reinforcements to the country’s frontier with Belarus. Warsaw claims Belarusian border guards are behind a renewed rise in illegal crossings. 

Warsaw has agreed to send 1,000 additional troops to the border with Belarus after a request from the border guard service, state-run news agency PAP said on Tuesday. 

Poland said the move came amid a renewed rise in illegal border crossings aided by Belarusian border guards and after soldiers from the mercenary Wagner Group appeared near the frontier.  

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Update #1: Polish Defense Ministry to deploy additional troops to guard eastern border with Belarus (TASS)

Update #2: Nervous Poland will send more troops to the border with Belarus (New Voice Of Ukraine)  

WNU Editor: Here is an easy prediction. Poland is getting ready to close down its border with Belarus. This will be there excuse …. Poland Says Belarus, Russia ‘Organizing’ New Migrant Influx (Moscow Times/AFP).