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The Guardian/Reuters: Warsaw sends troops to border, accusing Belarus of violating its airspace 

Polish military says army helicopters crossed eastern flank, adding to tensions caused by proximity of Wagner fighters 

Poland has rushed troops to its eastern border after accusing Belarus, Russia’s closest ally, of violating its airspace with military helicopters. 

The Belarusian military denied any such violation and accused Poland, a Nato member and one of Ukraine’s most fervent backers in its conflict with Russia, of inventing the accusation to justify a buildup of its troops.

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WNU editor: Poland had already started moving forces to its border with Belarus before this alleged incursion. As for Belarus, it is denying Polish claims that its helicopters violated Polish airspace …. Russian ally denies claim it violated NATO borders (RT). 

Poland Sends Troops To The Border Accusing Belarus Of Violating Its Airspace 

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