A large image of Xi is seen on a screen at the opening of China’s National People’s Congress in Beijing on March 5, 2023 (Reuters). 

CNN: Xi Jinping tells China’s national security chiefs to prepare for ‘worst case’ scenarios

Hong Kong CNN — Chinese leader Xi Jinping has called on his top national security officials to think about “worst case” scenarios and prepare for “stormy seas,” as the ruling Communist Party hardens efforts to counter any perceived internal and external threats. 

“The complexity and difficulty of the national security issues we now face have increased significantly,” Xi said Tuesday at a meeting of the party’s National Security Commission, state news agency Xinhua reported. 

“We must adhere to bottom-line thinking and worst-case-scenario thinking, and get ready to undergo the major tests of high winds and rough waves, and even perilous, stormy seas,” he added.  

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President Xi Tells China’s National Security Chiefs To Prepare For ‘Worst Case’ Scenarios


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