The Grey Zone: Zelensky Holds Court With Ukraine’s Most Notorious Neo-Nazi 

Western media has dismissed evidence of neo-Nazi influence in Ukraine by citing President Zelensky’s Jewish heritage. 

But new footage published by Zelensky shows the leader openly collaborating with a fascist ideologue who once pledged to “lead the white races of the world in a final crusade…against Semite-led Untermenschen.” 

Ukrainian President Vlodymyr Zelensky has uploaded a video to his Telegram channel showing him holding court with one of the most notorious neo-Nazis in modern Ukrainian history: Azov Battalion founder Andriy Biletsky.  

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WNU Editor: Patrick Lancaster has documented some of the war crimes committed by Azov in Mariupol last year (link here).

But here is the shocker. There are some who are even worse than Azov founder Andriy Biletsky. 

I am not surprised about the existence of these extremist groups. I have known about them for a long time, and I have documented some of them in the blog before this war started. 

But what catches my attention about this story is the Western media’s coverage of these groups. In the case of the New York Times, they call this “complicated” …. Nazi Symbols on Ukraine’s Front Lines Highlight Thorny Issues of History (New York Times). 

Sighhh …. it is not complicated at all. 

Update: Check out Azov’s emblem to the emblems that were used by German units in the Second World War (see picture below).