During President Joe Biden’s recent trip to Poland and Ukraine, something happened that many people will recognize as a recurring event for him. In fact, it’s become a meme. Biden managed to trip up the stairs while boarding Air Force One.

Nick Arama wrote that it happened once again “as Biden was leaving Poland on Wednesday.”

Whoever’s running the social media accounts for the company Acorn Stairlifts, Inc. decided to gently poke fun at Biden’s latest ‘trip’ in a series of tweets Friday.

Our colleague at sister site Townhall.com, Sarah Arnold, shared the copy of the first promotional post:

“Tired of stumbling up the stairs? We strive to help all of those in need across our nation. Whether you live in small town USA or on Pennsylvania Avenue, we are ready to help you regain your independence. Contact us for your free, no-obligation quote today!” The tweet read.

The company’s post included a photo of a map of the United States with a star directly over Washington D.C. and the message: “yes, we even service here.”

Realizing they were getting people’s attention, the company added another post–this adorable animated promo–to seal the deal:

Unfortunately, since those on the Left don’t have a sense of humor–about Biden or anything else–this slice of fun will probably only make the rest of us laugh. Well, that’s their loss.

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