A protest to “Demand Police Cameras” is being organized in Redding, California, the city where a man who appears to be white named Kevin Hursey recently got stomped by police.

Hursey, who was allegedly engaging in suspicious behavior in the area, was attacked by a police dog and multiple police officers and one cop was seen viciously kicking him in the head. The beating occurred while Hursey pleaded and screamed that he was sorry. The officer who stomped on the man’s head was relegated to “paid administrative leave,” according to the Redding police force.

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While the police accountability movement has largely received national media attention in recent years following incidents of police misconduct against black people, the racial distinctions on the issue might become more complicated. The man in Redding was apparently white, and recognized as being white by social media users.

The incident underscores the fact that people of all creeds and colors in America live in a society in which the police have legal power.

In Redding, California, a protest to “HOLD POLICE ACCOUNTABLE” is being held at Redding City Hall at 6 PM Pacific Time on Thursday. An organizer of the event is linked to “BLM” according to his Facebook page, but the description of the protest

“Due to the recent examples of police violence once again across our country and in our own back yard we are gathering together IN PEACE to demand that police in all of the United States of America as well as those here at home are required by law to wear and use body cams for the protection of everyone,” the event Facebook page states.

“Please bring signs, your voice, drinks, snacks and an attitude of positive change for our community and others as we pay respects to people injured and killed unnecessarily by law enforcement,” the event page states, adding, “All are welcome. It affects us all. Please come in peace and stand with us and make a difference that starts right here at home.”

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