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Global News: The Emergencies Act’s ‘very high threshold’ was met, commissioner rules in major report 

The “Freedom Convoy” amounted to a national emergency warranting the use of the Emergencies Act, but it was an emergency that could’ve been avoided. 

That’s a central conclusion of the independent public inquiry into the federal government’s decision to invoke the never-before-used Emergencies Act to address the protest movement that ground downtown Ottawa to a halt and blockaded border crossings last February.  

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WNU Editor: Being one who made the decision to travel to Ottawa (on two weekends) and witness the protests when they were happening last year, and seeing first hand how the Canadian media distorted their reporting on it, I am not surprised by the conclusions of this report. And while the report goes to great lengths to give Prime Minister Trudeau a pass as outlined by this commentary …. LILLEY: Rouleau gives Trudeau a pass on Emergencies Act with reluctance (Toronto Sun), it omits what I feel was the one thing that broke the camel’s back and forced the Trudeau government to quickly invoke the Emergencies Act. That one thing was the millions and millions of dollars the Freedom Convoy protesters were able to quickly raise from ordinary Canadians who were fed up with the government’s Covid mandates and restrictions. 

Money is the mother’s milk of politics. And when you have protesters being able to raise more money from Canadians in a three week period than what all of Canada’s political parties were able to raise in the last election combined, in their eyes you have a real crisis. 

Report Says The Canadian Government Met The ‘Threshold’ To Invoke The Emergencies Act 

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