Last Updated on August 3, 2023

Capitol Police responded to a 911 call of an active shooter in the United States Senate office building on Wednesday, and globalist Senate staffers took advantage of the situation to spread false rumors linking the situation to Trump supporters. Police went on to clear the building, and no shooter was ever there.

This reporter quickly pointed out over Twitter that there was likely no shooting because Capitol Police created a media staging area directly outside the Senate office buildings. A Hill staffer with the account name Alex on the Hill responded to the tweet with detailed updates of what happened. During the security scare, senate staff spread rumors that there was a shooting and that it had to deal with Trump’s latest indictment.

“Alex” wrote, ” I was just evacuated from my Senate office at gunpoint. This was the most over-the-top show of force I’ve ever seen. Very suspicious behavior top-to-bottom.”

Alex also wrote that Senate staff began spreading a horrific rumor that Trump’s indictment was to blame for the security scare.

“Rumors were flying that this was related to the Trump indictment before we even began sheltering in place. This was the most ridiculous overreaction by the US Capitol Hill Police I’ve seen in my six years on the Hill, and I’ve been there for crashing the perimeter.”

Alex also pointed out that the August recess would be the perfect time to conduct a psyop considering the members are not in town.

“Bomb threats, and of course J6. No better time than August recess to run around the Senate office buildings with the big guns out…All of this based off of a 911 call with no evidence. An over-the-top show of force for absolutely nothing. Very suspicious…”

U.S. Capitol Police posted the all-clear, but the all-clear message failed to answer basic important questions such as who called 911 and why.

Speaker McCarthy is in charge of the Capitol Police and has yet to issue a statement on Wednesday afternoon’s event.

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