Gas leak at Nord Stream 2 as seen from the Danish F-16 interceptor on Bornholm, Denmark September 27, 2022. Danish Defence Command/Forsvaret Ritzau Scanpix/via REUTERS 

Sputnik: New Corroborating Evidence Emerges Showing US Trace Behind Nord Stream Blasts 

US investigative journalist Sy Hersh opened a Pandora’s Box of incriminating evidence that purportedly directly links the Biden administration to September’s sabotage attacks against the Nord Stream gas pipeline network. On Wednesday, Russia called a special Security Council meeting to discuss the new information. 

An email forwarded to Sputnik by a US journalist from an individual identifying themselves as a servicemember that took part in last summer’s NATO BALTOPS 22 exercises in waters near the site of the Nord Stream pipeline explosions provides new information corroborating last week’s bombshell Substack report on the incident by Seymour Hersh.  

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WNU Editor: On an issue like this Russian media will need more than “anonymous sources” to make their case.