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RT: Russia-EU relations ‘no longer exist’ – Moscow  

The bloc chose economic ruin to be a vassal of the US, Moscow’s envoy to the UN has said  

Relations between the European Union and Russia are practically nonexistent, consumed by the abyss of EU subservience to the US, the Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vassily Nebenzia told the Security Council on Thursday. 

Moscow had said in June 2022 that the “bottom had fallen out” when it came to relations with Brussels, Nebenzia said in his speech at the UN. 

It turns out there was an entire abyss below still, that swallowed up not only our relations – which are basically nonexistent now – but also the EU itself,” he said. 

A year after completely severing ties with our country, the GDP growth of the EU has stuck near zero. At the same time, record inflation rates are measured by double-digit indicators. Rejoicing that it jumped off the ‘Russian gas needle,’ the EU got hooked on ‘hard drugs’ – expensive American liquefied natural gas,” the Russian diplomat added.  

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WNU Editor: Saying relations “no longer exist” is an understatement. The only thing left is the closing of embassies, and if that happens, history tells us that the next step will be war.