During an appearance at Turning Point USA, center-leftist independent journalist Tim Pool endorsed Harmeet Dhillon in her bid to replace Ronna McDaniel as Republican National Committee chair. The endorsement came during Pool’s live broadcast from AMERICAFEST in Phoenix on December 19th.

During her interview by Pool, Dhillon reiterated several points she had offered during her campaign, along the way using facts and figures uncovered by RedState Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar in her report on the at best questionable luxury and frivolous expenditures during McDaniel’s tenure as RNC chair. A prime example:

Dhillon stated her primary objective, should she be elected RNC chair, is to eliminate all wasteful layers, starting with consultants who are far more interested in drawing a paycheck than winning elections.

Dhillon singled out voter registration activist Scott Presler for praise, holding him up as a model for how things get done as opposed to the traditional backslapping and back-room dealing permeating the GOP. She outlined plans to decentralize the RNC, eliminating everyone and everything centering in Washington D.C. Instead, Dhillon would place satellite offices in areas where Republicans are attempting to establish themselves, organically locating power where it is most needed.

At one point in the interview, Dhillon used a well-worn but entirely accurate adage.

What we have seen, especially in the November 2022 election, is a Republican establishment far more intent on preserving its position at the donor-filled feeding trough than ascending into positions of power, using same for action. A point made by Turning Point USA Founder and President Charlie Kirk during the interview was how, even when in power, Republicans had consistently failed to put words into action. He singled out the failure to repeal Obamacare while the opportunity was available during President Trump’s first two years in office when the GOP had the majority in both the House and Senate. Dhillon repeatedly emphasized she would not tolerate such waffling, instead leading the party into being what it says it is — a party for all Americans.

The fierce opposition to Dhillon’s campaign should come as no surprise. People with zero job skills, despite having managed to worm their way into a paycheck, can be counted on to react badly when called out. As we have seen in the recent utter hysterics of “journalists” becoming temper-tantrum-laden children when suddenly applied to them were the same Twitter rules they loved to lord over others, those used to acting with impunity have no comprehension of how to react when suddenly faced with accountability.

The question is whether sufficient people outside the hardcore political thunderdome can have this sufficiently brought to their attention to make a difference. If she wins, Dhillon has an arduous task waiting. She must find a way to communicate with the populace at large who have, not without justification, cynically abandoned interest in politics to the point where many no longer so much as bother to vote due to election cycle after cycle of empty promises. The question isn’t whether Dhillon deserves support from Republican politicians. It is whether they will, in many cases for the first time, sufficiently do what they say they will do to warrant her support for them.

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