Last Updated on August 28, 2023

45th President Donald J. Trump shared a video on Truth Social Monday that was highly critical of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy and his supporters, like Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, have been facing severe backlash from Trump’s base over the Speaker’s failures to defund Jack Smith and impeach Joe Biden. MTG was Loomered and booed away from the Fulton County Courthouse by Trump supporters last week.

The video has ominous background music playing as RNC Chair Ronna Romney says, “We must hold the House and Keep Kevin McCarthy as Speaker.” The video then zooms into Ronna’s plastic surgery lips and runs the same quote in slow motion over and over again. The video gave out a vibe that Romney and McCarthy did not care about Donald Trump.

McCarthy’s refusal to put forth serious efforts to defund Jack Smith’s witch hunts against Donald Trump has turned the MAGA base against him. McCarthy had the perfect opportunity to defund Smith during the last debt ceiling negotiation, instead, McCarthy sold out and agreed to Biden’s deal. McCarthy then used Democrats to pass the package.

One of the few Republican members of Congress who has stood with McCarthy is Georgia Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene. MTG openly advocated for the McCarthy-Biden debt ceiling agreement and criticized members who voted against it. MTG’s horrific pro-McCarthy voting record made her the first Freedom Caucus member in history to be voted out of the caucus.

Outside the Fulton County Courthouse last week, MTG refused to answer Laura Loomer’s questions on why Speaker McCarthy has not endorsed Trump. MTG was booed by the Trump base. It got so bad, that MTG had to instruct washed-up MAGA rapper Forgiato Blow to harass Trump supporters and block out cameras that showed the hate Greene was receiving.

Trump’s truth of Monday’s video is one of the harshest criticisms Trump has leveled against McCarthy. Trump would be wise to continue his attacks against McCarthy and launch attacks against the MAGA fraud known as MTG.