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Air & Space Forces Magazine: NORAD: F-16s Intercept Russian Bombers and Fighters Near Alaska 

U.S. warplanes intercepted four Russian aircraft operating near Alaska, the Department of Defense announced Feb. 14. But the U.S. stressed the Russian mission was not unsafe or provocative and the aircraft did not pose a threat. 

On Feb. 13, two Russian Tu-95 Bear-H strategic bombers and two Su-35 Flanker-E fighters entered the Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ), North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) said in a statement. 

The Alaska ADIZ serves as an early warning buffer for North America that includes international airspace, and NORAD said that Russian aircraft did not enter American or Canadian airspace.

“This Russian activity in the North American ADIZ occurs regularly and is not seen as a threat, nor is the activity seen as provocative,” NORAD said. 

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U.S. Fighter Jets Intercept Russian Bombers And Fighters Near Alaska  

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