The anticipated three-pronged attack would see Russian forces advance from Belarus in the north, the Donbas in the east, and Crimea in the south  

Daily Mail: US intelligence claims Russia has suffered a staggering 188,000 casualties in Ukraine and lost more than 2,000 tanks since Putin’s bloody invasion began less than a year ago 

* Ukraine is bracing for a three-pronged attack from Russia within weeks 

* This is a significant increase to the estimated figure of 100,000 soldiers 

* Russia last week took Soledar, a mining town in the Donbas, in a bitter campaign 

American intelligence sources have claimed Russian casualties in Ukraine have reached a staggering 188,000 as Vladimir Putin’s bloody invasion continues to backfire. 

The figure is a significant increase to the estimation of 100,000 Russian soldiers who were wounded, deserted and killed when outlined by UK’s Defence Secretary Ben Wallace at the end of 2022. 

It is also thought that the Ukrainians have captured or destroyed approximately 2,000 Russian tanks since the invasion, which happened less than a year ago.  

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Update: Russian casualties in Ukraine have hit an eye-watering 188,000, according to US intelligence (The SUN)  

WNU Editor: 188,000 Russian military casualties? 20% of the Russian military? If that was the case the Russian military would not be able to launch counter-operations that they are currently conducting in the Donbas and in the southeast part of Ukraine.