Ukrainian servicemen fire a 2S7 Pion self-propelled gun toward Russian positions, on a frontline near Bakhmut in Donetsk region, Ukraine, January 24. REUTERS/Oleksandr Ratushniak  

Politico: U.S. focuses on training Ukrainian troops to use less ammo  

Western nations are growing concerned over their ability to quickly replenish stocks. 

The U.S. is prioritizing helping the Ukrainians tweak the way they fight, relying less on artillery barrages and more on how the troops maneuver on the battlefield, as concerns mount over Western nations’ ability to replenish ammunition stocks. 

The war in Ukraine has been marked by the massive use of artillery by both sides, with thousands of shells smashing into the front lines daily, straining the ability of the U.S. and European countries to keep up. 

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, speaking to reporters after a meeting in Brussels with other NATO leaders, alluded to the growing concerns in Washington and elsewhere over stockpiles. He said Ukraine has “used a lot of artillery ammunition. We’re going to do everything we can, working with our international partners to ensure that we give them as much ammunition as quickly as possible.”  

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Update: UK Training Ukrainians to Fight in ‘Western Way’ With Less Ammunition – Minister (Reuters)  

WNU Editor: This new media narrative that Ukraine troops must be retrained to fight Russia with “less” makes no sense to me.