Ukrainian defence minister Oleksii Reznikov attends a news conference in France. He has waned that Russia may launch a major new offensive on 24 February. Photograph: Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters  

Daily Mail: Putin has ‘mobilised half a MILLION troops for major new offensive on anniversary of Ukraine invasion’: Sergei Lavrov warns Russia will ‘gain the world’s attention’ on February 24 

* Russia said it mobilised 300,000 troops for its invasion of Ukraine in September 

* But Oleksiy Reznikov says it’s likely more, and they are preparing another assault

Russia has mobilised 500,000 troops for a major new offensive in Ukraine on the anniversary of Vladimir Putin’s invasion, Kyiv’s defence minister warned last night, before the Kremlin said it planned ‘gain the world’s attention’ on February 24. 

Speaking on French television, Oleksiy Reznikov said the Russian military is planning to call on the huge number of soldiers to mount another assault on his country. February 24 will mark 365 days since Moscow’s troops first rolled into parts of Ukraine not already under Russian occupation. 

But what the Kremlin hoped would be a swift overthrow of Ukraine’s government has dragged into a painful war of attrition, with Kyiv’s forces driving the invaders back in the east.  

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